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The YellowHeads was formed by some musicians who quickly discovered a key common denominator that unites them: a strong passion for music. What came next was a merging of their styles, different but parallel, as their musical roots come from the same place, and they formed the crew The YellowHeads.

This union’s strength is in their sound, going from highly atmospheric electronic music to a techno sound with retro touches. Their releases have seen the light on labels such as: Intec, Kraftek, Suara, Octopus, We Are The Brave, Toolroom, Tronic, Break New Soil, AnalyticTrail, Phobiq, Trapez, 100% Pure, Bitten, etc...,

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The music industry is being monopolized by the EDM, help to The YellowHeads, to fight against the EDM "TOP" monsters to prevent this from happening.